Staci Curry

StaciI began studying and practicing yoga while in high school in the 80s in Northern CA. To this day, I continue to be an active student. I started teaching yoga in 1998. I taught in Connecticut and had a yoga studio in New York for many years, and now I am living and teaching back in my home state of California. Yoga and movement practices are my passion. I have trained in the traditions of Anusara, Iyengar, Ananda, Kripalu, Tantra, and Ashaya. I have been assisting, mentoring, and training yoga teachers for 9 years. Come talk, play, and practice with me! You can also check out the testimonials below. picjumbocomIMG8687



Carrie M.

Learning yoga with Staci was a life-changing experience, and I very much miss her. Not only did she teach us the technical aspects of yoga (I'm a beginner), but she incorporated just the right amount of self-awareness/observation/spirituality. I still think of her every morning when I do my short yoga routine. I also think back on her words – observations or thoughts and the way they’ve permeated my life and impact how I live in the world. Week after week, she would say just the thing that I needed to hear, and for me, this was magic. Staci is a truly remarkable teacher, and I give her my absolute highest recommendation.

Bette H.

As a very senior, senior, I hesitated to try Yoga. Staci welcomed me, shared her incredible knowledge, allowed my silly side to shine and patiently drew me into loving Yoga. She has a unique ability to sense each person's needs and counsel regarding what adjustment might work out best, and managed to share herself, her experiences, and her unending pleasantness at each session. She's the best!

Lily W.

I have practiced yoga all over the Western world for almost 20 years, and Staci Curry is, without a doubt, the most physically, spiritually and emotionally gifted teacher I have ever worked with. She is deeply attuned to her students and shares exactly the right amount of herself with humor and authenticity in all of her classes. She is a caretaker, a sage, a comedian, and always, a gift.

Sarah T.

Staci will eternally be my favorite yoga teacher of all time. She is so kind, empathetic, conscious, and just all-around amazing. Her classes reflect the true joy she finds in yoga. She rocks my socks.

Deb M.

Body, Mind and Soul, all are taken care of at The Yoga Studio. Now being an instructor myself, I can still reference Staci's teachings, enthusiasm, Hindu lore, compassion, and alignment. I teach with her in mind, peace of mind being the destination. We will meet again! Thanks for all you have done for us.

Lydia Anne M.

Staci is pure magic. I live in Brooklyn - her classes surpass anything I have experienced in the city. In her more advanced classes, she combines deep physical practice with meditation and the philosophy of yoga. I will greatly miss her joyful, peaceful presence!

Chris G.

I like to check out different studios in nearby towns and when I travel. Staci’s classes stand out as unique- she welcomes questions. I often feel I shouldn’t break the meditative silence. Her interest in alignment is fundamental to her classes. It’s the anatomy nerd in her. Whether you are a newcomer to yoga, or a fellow yogi, you will not be sorry to be a regular at her Studio